Women Outnumber Men in Canadian Workforce

From the Ottawa Sun: Statistics Canada figures suggest that for the first time in history there are more women than men in Canada’s workforce. A recently issued labour force survey finds that about 7.1 million women are in paid employment, while 6.9 million men were employed during the first half of 2009.

Women outnumber men in both the “under 25 years” and the “25 years and over” demographics.

Julie White of the Canadian Auto Workers says although it’s an important milestone, she cautions the jobs performed by women are some of the lowest paid jobs in the labour market.

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3 thoughts on “Women Outnumber Men in Canadian Workforce

  1. Is there any understanding of what’s produce this? It seems as though it might mean a very significant change in understood social roles???

  2. First, the numbers don’t say whether the women are working full time or part time so it maybe that men are working more hours collectively even though more indiviudal women are working.

    Second, the economic turn down hit some traditionally male sectors the hardest. A good example of this is the auto industry.

    From a Canadian Press story here’s the auto industry perspective: “Nobody should break out the champagne here,” said Laurell Ritchie, a national representative with the Canadian Auto Workers’ union. “There is a dark side to this story.”

    “Men are losing jobs, they’re unemployed, they’re taking early retirement, when that may not have been their original plan, or moving into self-employment,” Ritchie said.

    That said, the changes in social roles might be interesting. There’s been a flurry of media interest in stay at home dads for instance.

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