Dissertation Haiku

A sample:

Dude you are so weird
I cannot even see you
Infinite big props

John Drabinski

Amherst College

Dissertation title: “Difference and Sense: The Problem of Phenomenology in the Work of Emmanuel Levinas”.
Concerned the phenomenological foundations of Levinas’ ethics, with particular attention to the strangeness and infinity of “the face of the Other.”


stop! judder! a smell?
are we friends or enemies?
sting! and then we dance

Sara Tallarovic

Oregon State University

Dissertation Title: “Reproductive and Aggressive Behaviors in the Giant Hairy Desert Scorpion.”

Go on, write one. You know you want to. And let us know in comments.

9 thoughts on “Dissertation Haiku

  1. This one is really good (from the Dissertation Haiku website):

    Gender roles gone wrong
    Undermine society,
    Vampire stories show.

    Amanda DeWees

    University of Georgia

    Dissertation Title: “Blood Lines: Domestic and Family Anxieties in 19th-Century Vampire Literature”
    In my dissertation I explored how vampire stories and poems of the 19th century revealed fears that men and women who did not conform to the gender and family roles expected of them were putting the family unit, and by extension society as a whole, in peril

  2. I can’t remember the title of my long, long ago dissertation, but this haiku sort of gets it:

    But causality
    infects everything we see
    Boo Hume bravo me

    Is rhyming bad for a haiku?
    This is meant to be a bit self-deprecating…

  3. that post gave me flashbacks.
    when writing my undergrad thesis i began responding to *all* emails in Haiku form. i did that for months, especially at the end. the practice earned me mixed reviews.

  4. i think what you just said about the haiku’s pretty much summarizes the thoughts of my department by the time i finished my thesis, too. the joy of being “continental” in an analytic department ; )

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