State-Funded Feminist Porn!

Sweden really is a conservative’s nightmare. As if the socialised medicine and great parental leave provisions weren’t enough, now the government’s funding feminist pornography (and only *feminist* pornography)!! The Swedish Film Institute defends the decision thusly:

“Everyone in the films is over the age of 18, no one is doing anything against their will, everyone shares equally in the money from the films,” Frenkel said.

“All of this makes Mia Engberg’s project different from regular porn in many ways. This is an ambitious project that in both form and content lives up to the demands we set for the projects we support,” she added.

Of course, there are loads of interesting issues about whether feminist pornography is possible (some definitions of ‘pornography’ rule this out), what it would take for porn to be feminist, and whether or not this porn qualifies as feminist. But what I find most interesting is the idea of a government deciding to financially support a feminist vision of sexuality. (They might be wrong that this is a feminist vision, but they clearly do think that it is.) Thanks, Rob!