When the bubbly runs out and no one reorders

That’s when you know you are in a really bad recession.  Wall Street Journal trivia:

Stanislas Henriot, president of his family’s esteemed champagne house, Henriot, says the appellation will survive, but also admits, “It’s been brutal.” According to one of the biggest distributors in the United States, sales are off 50 percent for the basic stuff , and down 85 percent for the fancy.

Wow.  It really is bad all  over!

8 thoughts on “When the bubbly runs out and no one reorders

  1. O no! I am completely sick to hear this. This is much worse, of course, than the topic of the post.

    I have the sense that there are enoug positive things in your life that this is not devastating – just very bad. I hope that’s right.

  2. Oh hippocampa, I am sorry to hear this. I hope, as jj says, that your life has other good things happening, and that you will soon have good prospects for the future.

  3. Well, considering the two years of desparate part time unemployment to get this job in the first place and the fact that I am not 21 anymore…
    On the plus side, when I was in that desparate situation before, I was mid 30s, and despite avid applying I just didn’t get invited. I got the impression that I didn’t get invited because they were sure I was going to get pregnant, and of course, it’s illegal to inquire after that.
    Now that I am almost 40, I hope that will no longer be the issue.

  4. Thank you all for your very sympathetic and heart warming reactions. It means a lot! It’s so easy to lose confidence with news like this, but your support really makes a difference.
    Boldly onwards :)

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