Trying to remember 9/11

Since the US seems a saner place and the political use of the threat of terrorism is lessened, I wanted to return to look at 9/11.   Nothing  really captures it very well, especially since the tragedy occurred in different places and the  lives lost are hardly well recalled in  a short tape.  Still, this tape has some significant images.



And one much less restrained; I’m not sure at all what to think about the repetition of images of the planes crashing into the  towers and their collapse.  One thing it might reflect is how very hard it was to get the events absorbed into one’s mind.  It was all close to unbelievable, maybe even to some who were there.  It is hard to know what remembering it really amounts to.


3 thoughts on “Trying to remember 9/11

  1. We lived about half an hour from the Shanksville site and I still cannot watch things like this without sobbing. I’ll see a TV show or movie filmed prior to 9/11 with the Towers still standing and my breath catches, my throat tightens… When it happened and for some time after, it was shock and disbelief cradling the sadness. Now, just the pain is left.

  2. Kandace, yes! I ended up spending hours last night watching clips and really trying to absorb what some of the people were going through.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I was about to go through my day blithely shoving it away and I really didn’t want to be forgetful and callous. Much appreciation.

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