5 thoughts on “We’re Number 37!

  1. Of course, there would be no hospitals or doctors in France if it weren’t for the US involvement in WWII–more snark.

  2. This is a truly embarrassing and shameful statistic. And we call ourselves a civilized and caring democratic country that takes care of its people? More like: I’ve got mine – If you haven’t got yours, then too bad, you’re on your own – and if you are not exactly like me you aren’t worth dog spit. Shame shame shame…

  3. j, someone says somewhere that once again a lot of Americans are preparing to side against their own interests because of the fear arroused by Repub leaders. Here the fear is of the brainy black president and the awful foreign outsider things he might bring into the country.

    That rings true to me some, and maybe that’s part of it. Either you think the needy are THE OTHER or you realize you are the needy and you don’t want help from THE OTHER.

    On the other hand, I’m suddenly remembering how extremely hard it is to get academics to admit change and perhaps that’s a factor in the general population too. Here’s an anecdote: there had been years of complaining by every group that included women about how little my university had in the way of day care. It was high quality, but very small. So we finally got a president who said he thought it was time to enlarge the day care and he said this in front of the women then in the overall women’s commission. When they heard it might involve bringing in some professional group, everyone said no. He was astonished; I was dismayed. The possibility of losing the very good but severely limited day care was enough that no alternatives would be considered. Really, not considered.

    of course, this really was shameful too. Imagine deciding not to consider getting daycare for all the left out women.

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