Congratulations to elp!

Regular readers will be pleased to know that elp has a new child! Since she often writes about related matters, you might to know that she did have a home birth as planned, underwater, and everything went swimmingly (sorry). She reports that it was everything one could possibly want from a birth except for the excruciating pain. All are happy and healthy.

9 thoughts on “Congratulations to elp!

  1. Ohhh ELP, I am utterly delighted! I think those waterbirthts are the most wonderful way to give birth ever since I saw a documentary on the telly when I was about 11.
    May you and your scion prosper and be happy!

  2. thanks everyone! yes, it was amazing and exactly what i wanted it to be. (aside from having had a ridiculous hope that it wouldn’t hurt as much at home! but i do think its hurting was less bad being at home, if that makes sense.) the midwives in our area, and in particular in the midwifery team i was placed with, have really taken on board the idea of thinking about the mother as a person with dignity, so the whole thing was very non-invasive, relying on self-report and so on, rather than needlessly sticking things where they’re not wanted. if only all women could have such treatment in labour. anyway, thanks!

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