Thank you, Mary Travers

Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul and Mary, died yesterday of cancer.

Given the political engagement the group had, it is appropriate to have a political comment:

This is a BBC broadcast.  You may notice the low production values in the set.  That’s because you are looking at socialized medicine television, the sort of thing Barak Obama  wants to bring here to the USA.

It is true that the BBC is one of the  the greatest entertainment companies  in the world, and maybe the greatest.  Well, there’s  that too.

Sex Robots

When reading this interview with David Levy in the Guardian about the advances in sex robot development, for a fleeting moment I had this utopian vision where there would be no more sex trafficking in the world. But of course, human lives are much cheaper than those robots. I looked up the robots David is talking about (with the heated parts but cold feet… ok, that’s realistic!) and they are approximately € 5,500 or US$ 8,000 for a female doll. You can buy 160 Haitian girls for that amount of money.