Sex Robots

When reading this interview with David Levy in the Guardian about the advances in sex robot development, for a fleeting moment I had this utopian vision where there would be no more sex trafficking in the world. But of course, human lives are much cheaper than those robots. I looked up the robots David is talking about (with the heated parts but cold feet… ok, that’s realistic!) and they are approximately € 5,500 or US$ 8,000 for a female doll. You can buy 160 Haitian girls for that amount of money.

3 thoughts on “Sex Robots

  1. I remember a discussion in Pateman’s _The Sexual Contract_ about one of the main complaints men had about prostitutes: sometimes the prostitute seemed too emotionally detached, not “into” it enough. Pateman’s view was that men aren’t just buying sex; they’re buying a woman’s attention and desire to please him. If I remember right, Pateman drew a parallel with slavery; slave ownership wasn’t just about getting free labor, and a slave owner might not have been just as happy replacing the slave with a machine that could do the same things. It was about owning a human being, owning their loyalty and service. If this is true, then sex robots would only replace human trafficking if the robots could be made to replicate human emotions very well, well enough to fool the owner into feeling they were interacting with another human being.

  2. Wow. Men wanting to purchase/own a prostitute’s/slave’s “loyalty and service” is … WOW. It changes how I think about men who use prostitutes. Instead of being inhuman monsters who are willing to blatantly use women to achieve sexual satiety, they actually want a woman to [pretend to] care about pleasing them? Does the word “wife” pop immediately to mind for anyone else?


  3. But all those sad ugly men who can’t get anyone to marry or have sex with them have to have an outlet. I suppose all the sad ugly women who can’t get anyone to marry or have sex with them have to become prostitutes?

    Is there a sex doll for women?

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