Limbaugh advocates segregated buses

You know, in a way it’s a relief when the racism is so totally blatant and undeniable. But how long do you give it before CNN decides it’s really interesting to consider whether or not this is racism? (And how long will it be before a commenter shows up and denies that the suggestion is racist? Of course, if past experience is any guide, we’ll probably have to delete the comment for violating our policies.) Thanks, CR!

3 thoughts on “Limbaugh advocates segregated buses

  1. Hi,

    I have been following the debate from afar (Canada) and skimming through the great Crooks and Liars blog.

    I may have to stop. This is getting so bad as to actually be seriously depressing. The worst is not the stupidity of the various nuts but the lack of strong public outrage at such despicable behaviour.

    Hitting the prozac about now.

  2. No, I’d say that’s the definition of racist and racism. Speaking as a conservative, Limbaugh goes too far all the time and needs to have his show yanked. He makes everyone else look like jerks.

  3. O dear. I agree it is as racist as it gets, but I think I may have a different interpretation. I think the claim about segregation of buses MAY be the conclusion of a reductio argument. The premise is, as Limbaugh said, this is now Obama’s American. Second premise: black people can attack white people and be praised by the president. First conclusion: White people are now the guilty, bad people. Second conclusion: White people shouldn’t even be allowed to ride with blacks, in addition to its being dangerous for them to do so. I.e., that’s how things go in Obama’s America.

    Of course, the black people getting praised is the Henry Louis Gates case, saying which certainly seems to employ a deception gloss.

    The racism is in the deep fears in white people it stirs up.

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