The Sunday Cat goes overboard

An extreme – though still enchanting – feline:



Of  course, this blog worries when we portray behavior that is unsafe or even, when acted out, distressing.  So we asked  Tarragon to illustrate the orthodox and overall  safer approach to a running facet.  We didn’t have a video camera, but we hope this pic suffices:


A “paws first” approach has much to recommend it.


Many thanks, once again, to Calypso.

7 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat goes overboard

  1. Our cat has perfected the art of drinking from a running tap (faucet). She perches on the edge of the basin (sink), stretches her head out, and tilts it on one side to get at the stream of water.

    She has also perfected the art of leaving dirty paw prints all over the bench (counter).

  2. Our Robin used to drink from the faucet, though without getting drenched. If the water wasn’t running when he wanted it, he’d bang on the faucet with his paw, which was rather loud and obnoxious. Robin was also surprisingly easy to bathe (for my husband’s allergies) – I could just place him in a tub of warm water, and he’d stand there patiently, though he really hated being lifted out again.

  3. This cat must be very thirsty! I hope it is also provided with a bowl of fresh water that is regularly replenished.
    And, for other cat owners, I mean staff, it’s important to know that if your cat starts to drink a lot more water than usual, s/he may have kidney disease. (I know this from experience with our own cat, who as a result now receives subcutaneous fluids twice a week to compensate for her failing kidneys.)

  4. Thanks, Introvertica. You know you can step up the subc fluids. We were at twice a day for nearly a year. I am less sure now the vet was right to encourage us to do this, but Rosemary did have a lot of fun after her bully sister subcumed to kidney disease.

  5. My cat’s favorite way to drink water is to lick the condensation off the bottle of whatever I am drinking. I have to be careful not to leave bottles unattended or he will knock them over in his search for condensation. I’ve started freezing special bottles of water just so I can put them on the floor for him to lick.

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