Hypatia of Alexandria is a feminist icon. She taught Maths and Philosophy at the Platonist school in Alexandria in 400 AD, and was the first woman recorded in the history books as having made a substantial contribution to the development of Maths. The feminist philosophy journal, Hypatia is named after her. You can read more about Hypatia here.

A blog reader informs us that a film has recently been made about her. Although on closer inspection, it turns out the film is about one of her slaves, who in the film, falls in love with her. Oh well. It still seemed a good excuse to mention Hypatia. The film’s called Agora. Here’s a link to the trailer.

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  1. Was browsing through the issues of Hypatia… I wonder how many contemporary women from Alexandria published in there. Would be nice for a bday issue to look up some smart ladies from Alexandria today and invite them to write something.

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