3 thoughts on “Cervix photos

  1. Well, hmm. I like the project, it’s very informative.
    However, ehm. I don’t think a cervix is any more beautiful than a spleen is. I have no desire to see my cervix, any more than my spleen. I saw my own kneecaps after a motoring accident. It just doesn’t do it for me, somehow.

  2. I’m w/ Hippocampa here- it’s sort of interesting and if that’s what she goes in for, it’s fine w/ me, but I’m pretty sure it’s not beautiful. Some folks want to say every nicely functioning and useful bit of the body is beautiful, but that seems wrong conceptually. (They eye of the beholder and all of that, of course, but still, if it had been some bit of the large intestine (the general look isn’t too different) we’d not get the claim, I suspect.) The first time I’d seen such a thing was as part of an art project at the Pompidou Center where a woman had an endoscope film pretty much all of her insides from every point. Pretty soon all the insides look similar.

  3. There is actually one exception to internal body parts I am not particularly interested in seeing, and that is my brain. Partook in an fMRI study once when I was stuyding psychology, and had an anatomical scan and got the pictures of that. I was utterly delighted to see that it’s really there, my brain :D
    Also was totally delighted with the brain anatomy practicals with the neurology course I took. And maybe that is the point, after studying about the brain for so long, it was just delightful to actually see what I had been studying. I thought brains are quite beautiful, and on second thought I can imagine that if you’re a midwife, the same applies to the uterus.

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