Finally, Beds for Men

That’s right. Beds for men.

After years of catering to women, manufacturers are setting their sights on men. The new macho mattresses they’re introducing have “muscle-recovery properties” and cooling technology, on the theory that men are more likely to feel too hot in bed. The bed frames feature built-in TVs, iPod docking stations, wine coolers, safes and other guy-friendly gadgetry.

Who are they catering for? Men who really care about their quality of life. Men like Dave Shapiro:

Dave Shapiro, a 33-year-old real-estate investor in Philadelphia, paid $30,000 for a Hollandia International adjustable bed that offers a built-in 32-inch Sony flat-screen TV, surround-sound speakers and outlets for laptops. “The best thing is the TV,” he says. “You don’t have to get up”

Thanks, J-Bro!

5 thoughts on “Finally, Beds for Men

  1. I wonder about the safe.
    Thought about it, but hmmm nope, I can’t figure it out (avoiding the obvious pun here).
    I do notice they are double beds, though, so double beds for male partners, aha! That’s actually very emancipated of Hollandia!

  2. “The best thing is the TV,” he says. “You don’t have to get up”

    Hello sleep disorders!

  3. If the designers think that guys are the only ones who might feel too hot in bed, they obviously haven’t gone through menopause….

  4. I echo the last comment. LOL Every woman I know says she is tossing off the covers and freezing her man out, especially after menopause!

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