4 thoughts on “Gendered Products Spectacular

  1. The artist’s comments on the site linked to are interesting, if not very surprising. Her other projects are also interesting.

  2. I noticed very recently the ubiquity of pink on young girls from around age 0.5 to 13-ish years, but mostly concentrated in the 2-8 range. Then I kept noticing it. Then I noticed that almost none of them wore anything but pink. Ever. Then I couldn’t bear to see another darned pink item of clothing, so I had to stop going outdoors. Then I got over the pink problem and figured, well, this too shall pass. But not before I went so far as to compliment girls I saw wearing non-pink. “Nice purple top” or “fabulous green sweater”. Though I began to fear I was one of those strange “ladies” their mothers warned them about, so gave that up. It’s never been my favorite color and I’m worried about psychological harm being done the girls. (Smiley-grimacy face here.) I know it’s done some to me. When did pink become absolutely mandatory? I must have missed it. (Being a past-child-bearing-age woman with no children by choice, something like this has to jump up and slap me across the face before I notice it.)

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