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The Sunday Cat refrains from commenting on: addition September 26, 2009

Filed under: cats — annejjacobson @ 10:20 pm

hairless dogs who frolic in the snow



except to note that hairless cats are unlikely to do it.

The breed, Chinese Cresteds, also are typically quite vocal:

These are the hairless variety, and they are not shaved.

Added:  another good example of the Cresteds’ song:


6 Responses to “The Sunday Cat refrains from commenting on: addition”

  1. jj Says:

    This video is meant as a very partial response to complaining dog lovers who have found the Sunday Cat to be speciesist. That might be true of the Cat, but not the blog.

    In fact, these dogs look spectacular, though they may not be to everyone’s taste. They are said to have wonderful temperaments.

  2. hippocampa Says:

    I think they look cute, despite me definitely being a cat person and very much not a dog person. But I make exceptions for poodles too, so that may explain things (and yes, my cats are rexes :P).

  3. jj Says:

    Do you put little clothes on your cats?

    I couldn’t resist adding another example of a singing crested. It would make one think twice.

  4. hippocampa Says:

    Lol! no, I don’t put clothes on my cats… not in the least because I value my digits, eyes, skin etc. But the last example, well, replace that howling with incessant and articulate meowing, and that’s just like my prime cat (I have a prime and a spare cat) when there’s something wrong in the world (empty food bowl, rain, undefined things).

  5. Calypso Says:

    What a miserable excuse for a dog!

    (Sorry, just had to vent.)

  6. jj Says:

    Calypso, your feelings are shared.

    Hippocampa, I sympathize. Are yours both female? I’m afraid that feminist though I am, I was reluctant to try to live again with two female cats. We had 17 years with female litter mates, whom we loved a great deal, but that was also 17 years of an alpha cat beating up on her sister. The subordinate cat had a largely blissful year after her sister died. I did try to carve out privileges and treats for the subordinate one, but it was tough. And since they were siamese, everything was accompanied with very loud and prolonged comments.

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