Women in Philosophy Task Force

There’s a new organisation out there for everyone who cares about gender equity in philosophy, the Women in Philosophy Task Force. Here’s the story behind it:

After publishing her essay, “Changing the Ideology and Culture of Philosophy: Not by Reason (Alone),” Sally Haslanger was inundated with requests for help addressing challenges women face in professional philosophy. She was increasingly discouraged and needed assistance. So she entered a contest held by the Essex Conference Center and Retreat in Essex, MA, offering a free day meeting package to the group that could make the best case for its cause in 50 words or less. She won! With little time for organization and planning, she gathered roughly 25 women to discuss what more might be done to address the broad range of issues women in philosophy continue to face. The Women in Philosophy Task Force was born. We define our mission as follows:
The Women in Philosophy Task Force (WPHTF) is an umbrella group that works to coordinate initiatives and intensify efforts to advance women in philosophy.
In describing ourselves as an “umbrella group” we simply mean that our aim is to empower and facilitate through coordinated action.

To join, go to the website.

And if you’re into Facebook, you can join the Facebook group as well! The organisation is open to all those committed to working toward gender equity in philosophy.