3 thoughts on “Workshop: Discrimination in hiring

  1. It takes quite a bit of nerve to get a workshop of men together to discuss discrimination.

    There is one female discussant. I couldn’t see any other women’s names.

  2. Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen is an excellent philosopher who works on various forms of discrimination. He is one of the speakers. He is an important ally and worth hearing.

  3. The possibility that a workshop full of keen thinkers about diversity nonetheless enacts a classic academic exclusion is actually sad and even distressing. That’s supposing things are as they look, of course.

    A lot of us have inquired a lot into how this sort of thing happens, and I think there are pros and cons to thinking of it as wrong, particularly when organizers may have asked some women to contribute.

    Still, it’s interesting to ask what one would or should do in such a situation. Could one enact something one decries? Having just listened or Cornel West on why he left Harvard, I’m reminded that standpoint theory could be understood to enjoin us to tolerate the voices of the sometimes radically disadvantaged on such topics.

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