2 thoughts on “The sunday cat makes the best of it

  1. I am jealous about that 100 watt bulb. Since bulbs are going to be banned in the EU, they are hard to come by here. I need to go and hoard them.
    I use energy saving bulbs where I can, but for some spots, energy saving ones just don’t do, because they are so slow, and if they are not slow to start with, they are after a few years, long before they are supposed to have expired.
    Led lights are the future, but there is no equivalent of a 100 watt bulb yet. The 60 watt equivalent is 50 times as expensive as the bulb and they SAY it will last 25 years, but they say those energy saving bulbs will last 10 years too. My experience with them is different.

  2. Do you know what will happen to the lights that are supposed to give one the anti-seasonal-depression effects? Perhaps they’ll still be available and warm?

    We’ve switched over to the new lights mostly and they do seem to be very slow.

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