7 thoughts on “More J-Bro

  1. I’m going to mosey on over to my bank on Buffalo Speedway and see if I can’t get myself one of the pink ones by opening up a new account. They’re real cute.

    And if the State Legislation decides to allow students to have concealed handguns on campus, why I’ll just drop my little pink rifle in my Hello Kitty! bag and go off to class.

    (If you are driving up Buffalo Speedway, you know you are in Texas, when some banks give rifles to those opening new accounts.)

  2. I’m not serious about getting a pink one myself. Everything else is, though fortunately a Democratic fillibuster killed the bill allowing students to carry concealed handguns in the 2009 session.

    It’s scary, but on the other hand, students carrying guns are just to be expected in this gun culture, which is certainly not limited to Texas. E.g., we share a floor with the history department, and they had a very disturbed graduate student who wrote at least one epic poem about death in a history department. As a consequence, we had an armed guard for some time on our floor.

  3. Also, it might be right to dispair right now of changing the laws regarding guns. I don’t think there’s the public will, and the gun lobby is exceptionally strong.

    Given the congress seems prepared to go against the vast majority of citizens who want substantive health care reform with a public option, I’m particularly pessimistic about reform that the country does not particularly support.

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