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We’ve had a request for names from a department working on material for an introductory philosophy course. If you can think of any, please do leave a comment or send via contact-us. Thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer!

Can anyone name women who are prominent in public life (novelists, poets, judges, tv interviewers, etc., etc. – they just need to be known) who have a philosophy degree, who might be able to talk about the impact the subject had or continues to have on them? I’m particularly interested in those who will be known in the UK.

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  1. I’ve read in several places that the following women were philosophy majors, although I wouldn’t know where to verify these for sure. I’ve limited this list to those who have been referenced several times in my Google search of biographies (rather than “This is Why You Should be a Philosophy Major” sections of .edu pages):

    – Iris Murdoch, writer
    – Susan Sontag, writer
    – Pearl Buck, writer
    – Aung San Suu Kyi, politician/peace activist/Nobel Laureate
    – Angela Davis, activist/scholar

  2. Do they want women who can actually come and talk to the students? Do we know if they are willing to pay substantial travel expenses? Here are some English names:

    Mary Warnock
    Shirley Williams (read PPE at Oxford)

    From the US
    Rebecca Goldstein (novelist; McArthur genius awardee)

  3. Thank you for these suggestions (I’m the one who sent in the request).

    JJ, we are making a short recruitment/retention podcast in which various people with a background in philosophy – in particular, undergraduate study or equivalent – who are not university-based professional philosophers explain what philosophy has meant for them. The aim is to show that philosophy can have a value that reaches outside academia (in part because most of our students already have careers).

    We have a prominent playright, novelist, judge, political interviewer, and some others possibilities. But we are finding it bizarrely difficult to identify UK-based women with a name that commands widespread recognition, who have degrees in philosophy, and who found philosophy useful enough to want to talk for 60 seconds or so about its lasting impact . So far we have a politician (one of the two you mentioned, JJ).

    Whoever it is needs to be alive, unless we can find an old recording of them waxing lyrical about their joy on first reading Descartes.

    The end product will probably be publicly available, though obviously it will have a UK slant.

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