Women’s papers for undergraduate teaching

You know, I’m really struck by what a potentially great point in time this is for tackling the gender gap in philosophy. I just keep hearing about project after project. And here’s another great one:

We are seeking suggestions for papers to include in a database of
women-authored papers that would be suitable for undergraduate teaching. The
database is intended to facilitate the selection of texts written by women
to be included in philosophy undergraduate teaching.

The database will be freely accessible online, and is intended to be up and
running by mid-2010. We aim for a pilot version to be ready by the end of

This project is funded by a Macquarie University Competitive Learning and
Teaching Grant, awarded to a team from the Philosophy Department.

We are happy to provide more information if that should be useful,

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Cynthia Townley, Albert Atkin, Mitch Parsell and Swantje Lorrimer


4 thoughts on “Women’s papers for undergraduate teaching

  1. This sounds enormously useful. I know that the excuse that it’s hard to find the papers I would want is a lame one, but it is one of the reasons I don’t cover as much work by women in my courses as I feel like I should. If I can do better while still being lazy, I expect I’ll do better.

  2. Is this a database of bibliographic information or of actual articles? If the latter, it seems to me there could be copyright issues.

    Also is the database organized in terms of philosophical areas, historically, or what?

  3. @ Calypso – only the citation details with links to articles. It is a relational database so area, year, title … organise it how you like.

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