Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

I know, it’s a fine line between activism and slacktivism, and I try to be leery of “let’s all blog” movements.  However, even the Prime Minister is blogging about climate change today as part of Blog Action Day.  So, feminist philosophers, feel free to post a comment in response to the following question: How have feminist philosophers contributed to the literature on climate change?  I’d like to kick it off by citing Victoria Davion’s article, “Feminist Perspectives on Global Warming, Genocide, and Card’s Theory of Evil,” in the recent special issue of Hypatia on Claudia Card’s work.  Davion applies Card’s discussion of genocide as social death to groups such as, e.g., Artic village residents who must relocate, arguing that failure to help such groups maintain their unique cultural identities contributes to their social death.