OMG! Who knows what might happen next?

A girl wants to wear a tuxedo in her yearbook photo. The school is refusing to print it. Some classmates say things like this:

“If the kids and the adults don’t abide by the rules that are set down for them, then what’s this country coming to if you don’t have any structure?” another Wesson resident asked.

Fortunately others, and the ACLU, are more sensible, though it’s still unclear what will happen.

And what is the rule she falls foul of?

According to the school, boys must wear tuxedos for senior pictures, while girls must wear drapes.

DRAPES??? What is this, Gone With the Wind?? (Thanks, Jender-Parents.)

4 thoughts on “OMG! Who knows what might happen next?

  1. Way back in ’59, when I went in to have my Senior Class photo taken for the school yearbook, I was handed a big long piece of “fancy ” (satin? taffeta? who knows?) white fabric to wrap (drape) around my shoulders like the top of an evening gown. Also, as I recall, a string of “pearls”. That way all the “girls” were dressed alike – and oh so elegant!

  2. I have drapes to cover my windows. I cannot imagine wearing those. Although maybe that would be a good Halloween costume: The ghost of the regressive present.

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