Why boys need barbies and girls need footballs

That’s the title of an article in Canada’s national newspaper The Globe and Mail. The article begins: “Are sex differences hardwired into children’s brains? Not according to neurobiologist Lise Eliot, who tells Anne McIlroy that small differences between girls and boys are magnified by parents – not to mention same-sex schools.” It’s an interview with Eliot who set out to write a book that would chart how the brains of boys and girls develop differently. However, she found surprisingly little evidence of sex differences in the developing brain. Instead, she found very small differences that were amplified by gender socialization. I’m looking forward to reading Pink Brain Blue Brain.

book cover
book cover

The Sunday Cat honors an early theme in feminist philosophy

Having been to the conference  celebrating Hypatia’s 25th anniversay, the Sunday Cat is feeling overwhelmed, and astonished at the richness of themes  that have been developed in Hypatia.   Today she wants to celebrate an early issue of the journal on motherhood.


The Sunday Cat also recognizes the contribution to the conference made by Ginger, a service dog, who participated in many sessions with nary a bark.   Without  wishing to register any  antagonism toward the canine, the  Sunday cat points  out that  felines’ contributions as travel companions are largely unexplored.