The Sunday Cat honors an early theme in feminist philosophy

Having been to the conference  celebrating Hypatia’s 25th anniversay, the Sunday Cat is feeling overwhelmed, and astonished at the richness of themes  that have been developed in Hypatia.   Today she wants to celebrate an early issue of the journal on motherhood.


The Sunday Cat also recognizes the contribution to the conference made by Ginger, a service dog, who participated in many sessions with nary a bark.   Without  wishing to register any  antagonism toward the canine, the  Sunday cat points  out that  felines’ contributions as travel companions are largely unexplored.

6 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat honors an early theme in feminist philosophy

  1. Hmm, cats as service animals? Really? I see cats more on the ‘receiving service’ side of this equation. Has a cat ever fetched slippers or brought the paper? They are more likely to sit and ‘allow’ you to rub their chins.

  2. Ginger occupies the office next door to mine when she’s on campus and she is such a lovely elder to be around.

  3. Several years ago I saw a cartoon with the caption “why we don’t have seeing eye cats” that had several blind people up in trees, walking along fence ledges, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where it was and a very quick google search doesn’t turn it up. Still, that was a nice momma cat and pathetic little kitten. I especially liked when it hit under the momma cat and the momma looked like it might attack the camera.

  4. RE: felines’ contributions as travel companions are largely unexplored.

    You have noooo idea how true that is!

    I’m forsaking valuable nap, and snooze time, today, doing some googling related to this subject of Cats as service animals, and therapy animals, and while there are some interesting things out there, it’s often not what I was hoping for.

    Cute video, BTW! ;-D

    Nikita Cat.

  5. If you find anything about getting cats on planes as service animals, please let us know!

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