12 thoughts on “Vagina Mints, or How to Get a Yeast Infection

  1. Can’t offhand think of a more icky taste combination, except maybe blue cheese with chocolate.

  2. I like the idea! Some of us have a personal smell that takes some getting used to. If we want to have a person down there, maybe we’ll feel more comfortable putting some flavor up in the vag. I see it as something useful for women getting more pleasure.

  3. Yeah, but it’s hard to get much pleasure with a yeast infection, which is what would happen if you put sugar in. (Though I suppose *somebody* must enjoy it, since pretty much everything seems to be a possible fetish.)

  4. Food, especially sugar based ones do not belong in the vagina! There are non sugar non oil based products, use them!

    And mint+vagina=eww!

  5. Forgot where I was – it’s the sort of offensive thing I’d write on me own blog. Where no-one ever reads it.

  6. okay….i can see where specifically puttint the mints in the vag could be nasty
    however, if the person “pleasuring” you is eating a mint or chewing minty gum either during the process or shortly before and gently blows it does send shivers
    but i fail to see the purpose of adding flavor/scent/color to the vag

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