Another murder by so-called pro-lifers? Updated

From NOW:

NOW Offers Condolences to Richard Schroeder’s Family

Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill

October 30, 2009

NOW offers condolences to the family of Richard Schroeder, who died Thursday night. The death is being investigated as very suspicious, according to local police.

A retired U.S. marshal, Schroeder had provided protection to Dr. George Tiller, a heroic abortion provider who was murdered outside of his church in May.

Schroeder risked his own life to protect Dr. Tiller, and in doing so he ensured that women could exercise their fundamental right to safe and legal abortion. NOW honors and appreciates his legacy, and we will closely monitor the developments of this case.

Let us join NOW in offering condolences.

UPDATE:  it was natural causes, it seems.  Thanks to Roger in comments below.  Condolences to his family are still very appropriate.

11 thoughts on “Another murder by so-called pro-lifers? Updated

  1. Little about the radical right suprises me, but of course all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. I hope that the perpetrater will be brought to justice, and that in time his family may come to know peace.

  2. My condolences to the family members.

    Having said that, jj, it seems to me that you have been jumping to conclusions. As a pro-lifer I find it more than slightly offensive that when someone associated with Dr.Tiller dies, you accuse pro-lifers of murdering him.

  3. I beg to differ. You implied that pro-lifers were the murders before you had any of the facts of the death. Just saying that he was possibly murdered would have been fine, yet you had to include pro-lifers.

  4. No, you are wrong. I raised the possibility; that is all. It is certainly now reasonable to think that if a well-know activist for abortion rights is murdered, then some pro-life person may well be involved. To say they may be involved is NOT to say they are involved.

    By the way, this site does NOT provide a platform for conservative videos and web sites that demean people; I’ve removed at least one you have posted. We also do not want to promote the misleading RushLimbaugh style mischaracterizations in the health care debate.

  5. How did my video demean people? Does anybody agree with you? How would they know if you deleted my video? Why do you insist on deleting my posts? Why don’t you actually acknowledge differing opinions? Why don’t you debate what I have to say? Do you have no counter-argument?

  6. John, if you cannot see why a video that compares Obama’s efforts to create a meaningful dialogue with muslim countries with mowing the grass, then this is certainly NOT a blog with which you fit. We are not here to argue every issue that everyone brings up.

  7. Thanks again to Marshal Schroeder for his efforts in protecting Dr. Tiller. Due to being such close neighbours, whether or not the Roe. vs. Wade ruling is upheld matters a great deal to Canadians, especially when our government starts to slide to the right.

    I’m grateful that it’s not a choice I’ve ever had to make, but I will always speak in defense of a woman’s/GIRL’s(check the stats–far too many ARE girls) right to euthanize/defend herself against an unhealthy/potentially damaging child.

    Sir, you’ve done us a great service. You will be missed.

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