2 thoughts on “Gender Bias Bingo

  1. Nice! Years ago when I played at programming in BASIC, I wrote a primitive computer game called “WomensWork.” The structure was like the card game Hearts: you could play it safe and go for a non-loss or “shoot the moon”–go for a big win which increased your risk of a big loss. Big Win was a good job with tenure; Non-Loss was career housewifing; Big Loss was The Typing Pool.

    At the outset, a randomizing device assigned financial and physical assets. You used these assets to buy employment credentials and men, who were ranked by financial yield, and if you chose to shoot the moon, to assemble a Tenure-Pack–which was expensive. The aim was to get from age 18 to retirement age without going broke. If you went broke a screen came up saying “Welcome to the Typing Pool: Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”

    I still think this is pretty accurate to the extent that for most of us the best possible outcome is a good job. The second best outcome is career housewifing–getting married and never having to work outside the home. The worst outcome is having to do pink-collar work. The difference now though is that career housewifing is de facto unavailable to women so we’re all working without a net, in a situation where we’re forced to shoot the moon in order to avoid pink-collar shit work. The big sexist lie is that women can choose whether to work outside the home or opt out: the choice is between careers and jobs. Opting out means making noises about having to care for young children as an excuse to avoid work outside the home and then, when the excuse is no longer available, 20+ years of lousy, boring, dead-end womenswork.

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