Something for your extra hour (in the US at least)

For at least some of us, daylight savings just ended.  Those who have  gotten the gift of an extra hour may be wondering what to do.  Here’s an idea:

The London Review of Books has just made its 30th anniversary edition available free online.  And there are some delicious  articles.  A number of them pick up on topics discussed here.  Here are some that might be especially interesting:

In a major essay, Jacqueline Rose investigates the history and practice of ‘honour killing’ in its many contexts – religious, cultural, linguistic.

Hilary Mantel diagnoses nine types of hypochondria.

Troubled by the campaign for the release of Roman Polanski, Jenny Diski recalls being raped as a teenager.

Jeremy Harding looks into what will happen to the detainees when Guantánamo Bay is closed, and the real reasons they were put there in the first place.

Thomas Nagel analyses the idea of the self.