Women Philosophers and Academic Administration

Evelyn Brister has a great post over at Knowledge and Experience on women philosophers and administrative leadership.  There’s an interesting collection of statistics, facts and explanatory observations.  Among the last, there’s this interesting observation:

              This quote is from an article in the journal Women in Leadership:

Women presidents differ greatly in their approaches to leadership. In this report… [most women]…talked about their leadership in terms of their being trusted “to articulate the aspirations of my institution.” One reflected, “I’m almost entirely motivated by the desire to do meaningful and worthwhile work.” One said that she feels less pressure to be right than to “arrive at mutually satisfactory conclusions and decisions.”

You can also find a list of women philosophers who are or have been in leadership roles.

Check it out!  And tell us, here or over there, what you think and/or whether you’ve had any experience in administration.