2 thoughts on “Gender Pay Gap in the NHS

  1. Ugh indeed. But did you notice the other little beauty in that article. Women’s lower pay is attributed to them having children, so their managers know they are not free to leave. And that means that women can’t threaten to leave in order to get a pay rise. But apparently men can.

    I’d have thought just as many male doctors have children too. So how is is that a male doctor with children is free to leave, but a female doctor is not? Another manifestation of men “babysitting” their children, maybe?

  2. The article is extremely useful, I think, since it clearly distinguishes between (i) women who are lower paid but have less experience or put in fewer hours and (ii) those who have the very same level of qualifications and are still paid less.

    So many times, the ‘other side’ comes in on these discussions to say that the lower pay for women just indicates they don’t have the same qualifications or don’t put in the same dedication to the job.

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