Vagina Pendant*

For the feminist philosopher who has everything. (What really amuses me is the super-traditional framing.) Thanks BTPS!Vagina Pendant

To shop, go here. And no, Mr Jender, this is not a holiday-shopping hint.

* No, it’s not, as commenters have pointed out! And it’s especially sad to use the wrong terminology when you’re trying trying to get women to like their bodies. Sigh.

14 thoughts on “Vagina Pendant*

  1. When I was in law school a group put on a production of the Vagina Monologues and sold chocolate lollipops that looked pretty much like that as part of the publicity. For several days many people could be seen around the law school slurping or chomping away on them.

  2. I agree with introvertica…i wish peeps would use the correct terminology..the vagina is the opening, the vulva is all the fun bits like labia, and clitoris etc…there may even be another term for all the bits from pubis to perineum…anyone know offhand? Why are we so vagina-centric? Is it because that’s the place most hetero men like to put their penis? In that case, please reclaim the anatomy for girls and women by using terminology that is not phallocentric. This is a shout out to all women, but especially mothers and educators of baby women.

  3. My vagina certainly doesn’t look like that – being that the vagina is an internal part of the female anatomy. What that pendant depicts is the inner labia and the clitoris – can we please use the correct terminology?!

  4. Maybe, but “inner labia and clitoris pendant” is nowhere near as catchy as “vagina pendant”. How about “a clittie close to your heart”?

  5. You’re all totally right about terminology. I just took the title from the etsy site without a thought and put it up in a rush!

  6. NS: is the metalwork round the edge meant to be the hair, perhaps?

    everyone: totally agree. this is perhaps a vulva pendant. (btw i’ve been teaching my pre-school son the word ‘vulva’ to refer to what girls/women have. he can’t hear the difference between ‘vulva’ and ‘volvo’. and we own a volvo. toooo funny! ‘papa has a penis, and mama has a volvo!…and mama and papa have a volvo!’)

  7. Shout out for the makers for actually including a clitoris.

    Check out Nancy Tuana’s Hypatia articles “The Speculum of Ignorance: The Women’s Health Movement and Epistemologies of Ignorance” (2006) and “Coming to understand: Orgasm and the epistemology of ignorance”( 2004) for cool ways to theory-up this accessory.

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