Publishing survey

Sally Haslanger writes:

On behalf of the Women in Philosophy Task Force, I’m circulating a survey on publishing in philosophy for philosophers employed in higher education. It should take about 10 minutes. It will be useful to have your CV handy as you fill it out. Please go here to find it. I hope to report on the results at the December APA in the symposium on philosophy publishing (Wednesday December 30th, 11:15-1:15).

3 thoughts on “Publishing survey

  1. Excuse me posting a comment unrelated to this thread, but I was wanting to ask the readership a question (that may have been addressed in previous posts, but I couldn’t uncover anything in a quick search): Does anyone know of any male philosophers working in feminist philosophy — as a primary or at least major focus of their work? I’m an unemployed (in academia, I mean) philosophy Ph.D. who has wrangled the chance to do a single lecture on feminist philosophy in an intro course and as I was working on the lecture, wondered about this question. Many thanks.

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