Female breadwinners are self-deceived whingers

…according to this story. The evidence? Oh, you picky, picky people. Nothing relevant that I can see, from this Guardian story. The study doesn’t seem to even concern whether or not women’s views of their husbands are accurate, despite the way it’s being reported. (Thanks, Andrew!)

8 thoughts on “Female breadwinners are self-deceived whingers

  1. this is just story-telling! this is not research! no wonder the general public don’t put in any stock in science, when *this* is what’s being presented as scholarly research! (but props to the researcher for managing to piss off both me and my husband all in one go!)

    -i couldn’t bear to read the whole article. does the author of the article at least point out the speculative nature of it? or that it’s divisive? -no wait. don’t tell me. i don’t want to know.

  2. Thanks Rob. The write-up you link to seems to bear very little relation to the Guardian report. Guess I’ll have to read the study itself soon. When I have a spare minute.

  3. my new theory on why the guardian (and the bbc) so massively misrepresent so much research is that it’s a *combination* of ‘sexing it up’ and being not quite intellectually competent to understand what’s actually being said. that’s right guardian reporters: i just called you dim. prove me wrong! please!!

  4. A further consequence of this shit reporting is that the person who published the study is being maligned by people who have realised that her methods don’t support the Guardian’s reported conclusion.

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