The Sunday Cats release some steam after the holidays

These videos had a brief and accidental appearance on this blog about 10 days ago.  We hope you will still enjoy them.

We do feel compelled to relate that Tarragon, beloved jj-family cat, released steam today.  We are staying in an apartment/flat/condo on the Gulf Coast, on the 20th floor.  Tarry disappeared.  Great, horrible consternation.  Hours of searching, including going through the garbage at the bottom of the trash chute.

Finally, people from the 19th floor arrived to report they have a strange cat in their bathroom, which they think might be ours.  And it was Tarry!  There’s only one plausible story of how he got to their place, and it starts with his being on our balcony.

We are trying hard to avoid thinking about the trajectory of his trip.  We had carefully covered the railing around the balcony with mesh, and thought only a suicidal cat would project itself through the few small gaps.