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Fight the Abortion Coverage Ban December 2, 2009

Filed under: medicine,politics,reproductive rights — Jender @ 4:14 pm

As we’ve noted before, the Stupak amendment passed by the house would have devastating consequences for women’s access to abortion in the US. It’s now being introduced as an amendment to the Senate bill, which had previously been much better (if imperfect) on this score. Planned Parenthood is mobilising an urgent action against this. To join in, go here. It only takes a few seconds.



Filed under: politics — Jender @ 11:39 am

Totally implausible video from the Onion. The re-animated corpse of Ronald Reagan is way too left-wing to represent today’s Republican Party. (Thanks, Mr Jender!)



Filed under: human rights,medicine,sexual orientation — Jender @ 11:17 am

The White House is defying a court order in an attempt to deny health benefits to the same sex partner of a federal employee.



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