8 thoughts on “This probably isn’t really happening

  1. is it snowing in austin as well?? my sweet little cousin’s son was, last i heard, on the edge of his seat hoping for snow in austin.

  2. elp, I think Austin missed out on it. You can see a report here.

    I’m holed up in Galveston in fact trying and finding I can write about 800 words a day. So that’s worth it, but it’s just a bit too warm here for snow, and I am feeling very left out.

  3. For the record, it does now appear that little Tarry did indeed go over the balcony and somehow scrabbled his way into the space of the flat below us. They’re sending an engineer to check it out, though, since it is not good if cats can get into the building’s infrastructure.

  4. Technically it snowed here in Austin: some parts of Austin got a quarter-hour or so of snowflakes. But it was largely a cold but beautiful day here.

  5. jj- totally terrifying! i’m so glad he’s okay!

    brandon- boo. i hope my cousins are at least in a part of town that had flurries. poor little elp-cousin will be disappointed. :-(

  6. In north Austin we got about ten minutes of light flurries. Our cat was very invigorated and spent the entire time leaping around the backyard.

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