Take the poll: Are women people?

Senator Ben Nelson has said he doesn’t want people to lose coverage under health care reform.

But he’s also said he wants to offer an abortion coverage ban amendment to the Senate health reform bill that is similar to the dangerous Stupak amendment. It would take away women’s ability to purchase coverage for abortion care with their own funds in the health insurance exchanges and the public plan.

Join me in taking the poll — Are women people?

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(Thanks, Jender-Mom!)

5 thoughts on “Take the poll: Are women people?

  1. This reminds me of Catharine MacKinnon’s book, _Are Women Human?_ where she analyzed international law. This issue brings it home once again.

  2. So Nelson doesn’t think abortion is a health care issue. I bet he’s willing to allow impotence is. But isn’t there a connection? That is, it’s a good bet that some unwanted pregnancies result from the use of viagra, etc.

  3. Does anyone currently have the ability to purchase coverage for abortion in subsidized health insurance exchanges and/or a public plan?

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