Abortion and human rights

Three women in the Republic of Ireland (where abortion is a criminal act) are making a case to the European Courts of Human Rights that their human rights were violated due to the unavailability of abortion. The Independent reports that the women’s case is based on the claim that their health was threatened by being forced to go abroad for an abortion. This:

breached their human rights under Articles 2 (Right to Life), 3 (Prohibition of Torture), 8 (Right to Respect for Family and Private Life) and 14 (Prohibition of Discrimination) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

If they win their case, Irish law may have to change to permit abortion in some circumstances (it is currently only available where continued gestation means a substantial risk to the health or life of the woman).

More details from the Irish Family Planning association, which supports the women’s case, can be found here.

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  1. Tragically not just an issue for women in the republic of Ireland. In Northern Ireland, where we (the UK Family Planning Association) run the only non-directive unplanned pregnancy counselling service, last year alone Northern Ireland women paid over one million pounds between them to come to England for an abortion they too were stopped from having. Northern Ireland women are UK citizens and UK taxpayers. Nevertheless they don’t have the abortion rights that British women excercise. fpa has a petition on No 10 website and we are trying to get the UK Govt to fund Northern Ireland abortions in England on the NHS. But its extremely hard. We watch the European court case with great interest.
    Rebecca Findlay Press and Campaigns Manager fpa
    Rebecca Findlay

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