No adoption rules for Dutch lesbian couples

When I read this caption in the news in Dutch I thought it meant something negative, but it appears to be quite the contrary. Forget google translate, here’s what it says (my translation):

THE HAGUE – Lesbian couples having a child will in the future be treated in the same way as hetereosexual couples.
The change in regulations was announced on Thursday by the minister of homo-emancipation [sic], Ronald Plasterk. The minister expects the change to be effective somewhere next year.
Presently it is the case that the partner of the woman who gives birth to a child has to obtain consent from a judge in order to adopt the child. Only then the child is legally hers too.

Well, jolly good on him! and about time too. Plasterk is also the minister of education and I am not quite so pleased with him in the horrendous plans he has for universities and research, but this is good.

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