On regretting errors

The Daily Telegraph has won the Best Science Reporting Prize for Error-regretting:

The Daily Telegraph (U.K.):

Owing to an editing error, our report “Women who dress provocatively more likely to be raped, claim scientists” (June 23) wrongly stated that research presented at the recent BPS conference by Sophia Shaw found that women who drink alcohol are more likely to be raped. In fact, the research found the opposite. We apologise for our error.

Maybe we should have a competition for bad reporting on gender issues that hasn’t yet been corrected and apologised for. Any candidates?

(Thanks for the link, Mr Jender!)

5 thoughts on “On regretting errors

  1. ?? the [organisation representing police forces across the uk] have launched an ‘awareness’ campaign for this holiday season based around this ‘finding’–as originally reported. (ie, they’ve launched a campaign to encourage women to not get raped. pesky women, all the time going out and getting raped!) how f*ing funny is that, that their totally offensive campaign is based on a telegraph error! lol

  2. -oh wait, i just saw the date on it (june 23). does it make sense that this police thing would be based on a news story so old?

  3. Of course it does! Especially since the false news report so beautifully fits with widespread belief.

  4. Actually, that suggests it might have been based on the common belief, now that I think about it.

  5. But other research does suggest a connection between alcohol consumption by women and rape. I don’t think we should draw too many conclusions from that fact that some master’s student’s project didn’t reach the same result.

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