“Nobody Thinks that Way Anymore”

Oh yeah?

DOZENS of people queued inside a Co Kerry courthouse yesterday to shake hands and sympathise with a man who was jailed for five years for sexually assaulting a woman in Listowel.

“Even though my name has never been mentioned in the press, Listowel is not a big town and everyone knows it’s me,” the woman said. “I feel as if people are judging me the whole time. I’ve been asked by people I know if I am sorry for bringing Dan Foley to court. I am not sorry for it. All I did was tell the truth.”

About 50 people, mostly middle-aged and elderly men, queued yesterday to shake hands with the convicted man and hug him tearfully after he was brought from the cell to the dock, before Judge McDonagh entered the courtroom.

Foley, who had been celebrating his 34th birthday on the night of the offence, had denied the charge. He told gardaí he had “found your wan” after he had gone to relieve himself near a skip at 3.50am. However CCTV footage showed him carrying her to the skip area. It also emerged he had met her earlier in a nightclub.

Read the full Irish Times story here. (Thanks, MG.)

7 thoughts on ““Nobody Thinks that Way Anymore”

  1. 2 candidates for the phrase from a quick google search:

    1. Wide Area Network
    2. One, as in “past midnight, near to wan.”

    Since the second was from an Irish play and an example of dialect, I’m betting on it.

  2. MG, the irishwoman from whom i got the story tells me “‘Your wan’ is ‘your woman’, It is usually used to mean wife, and is slightly derogatory e.g. ‘sure your wan would never let you do that’. Not exactly the right language for a courtroom. Especially if you were protesting your innocence!”

  3. What does “found your wan” mean?

    Found her/Found that (female) one, (colloq., often derog.). The male equivalent is “your man”. “Your aul wan” would be your mother, along the lines of “your old man”.

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