4 thoughts on “No Public Option VS Stupak-Pitts

  1. That is fantasy. I’m not versed in the details of the differences between the House and Senate bills when it comes to abortion, but it’s pretty safe to say the final bill won’t have a public option, the medicaid buy-in, or less stuff on abortion than the Senate bill. The House will just be given some scraps to save face.

  2. A heck of a choice to have to make……hope something can be worked out that does not come to that choice, but I cannot imagine what it would be. Probably will be based on who has the most money and power behind their view (including blackmail and extortion)

  3. It is indeed a fantasy. I think the most likely compromise is that Stupak gets put into the final bill in exchange for a)more robust subsidies or b) a national exchange (House) in lieu of state based exchanges (Senate). And I would certainly take that compromise. If the Dems were smart, they would offer an “opt-out” language Stupak amendment in exchange for those benefits.

    The post is also based on factual mistakes about the nature of the bill. For example, Marcotte asserts that insurance companies will be able to charge people with pre-existing conditions exorbitant amounts for coverage. This is false, both the House and the Senate bills prohibit price discrimination on the basis on one’s pre-existing conditions and they prohibit insurance companies from refusing coverage.

    Further, the mandate only applies if there is health insurance available that costs less than 8 percent of one’s income. Thus, if insurance companies wish to benefit from the mandate, they have to keep the costs of their premiums low.

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