Those top ten lists

The feminist peace network has a nice collection of top ten lists that exclude or under-represent women.  I can’t decide which is the most egregious.  If it weren’t also the most trivial, I’d give the prize to Time’s list of the top ten performing politicians, which ranks dancing Delay over Sarah Palin!  His booty was just not that cute, and surely it can’t take practice to see these old Texan exterminators for what they are.

See also the network’s links to comments on the “male fail exclusion of women here and here.”  Among other things, we tend to get conditioned to think of men’s stuff as just more  interesting and important.  This presumably is why Princeton president Shirley Tilghman’s revolutionary efforts on behalf of women scientists don’t earn her a place in Time’s list of the top ten hot US university presidents, while the very expensive Gordon Gee gets  top spot.

In case you missed the booty-shaking former congressman, here’s a shot:

Ew.  Ew.

And Delay only had a few short appearances.  Sarah Palin, on the  other hand, kept us stunned for months: