4 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat is Channelled by Choir Boys

  1. I can’t believe the first boy kept a straight face the entire time! This video/sound track definitely got my cat’s attention.

  2. These two boys are very gifted musicians. I can’t decide whether the first boy never cracks a smile because he a) is very professional, b) is wholly absorbed in the music, c) is nervous, or d) has no sense of humor. (I love the second boy’s little smiles. What a pleasure it must be to entertain an audience in that way.)

  3. I love it! Thanks Jender and KC.

    The choir looks quite well trained. You’ll notice that they are amazingly still for boys that age. I’d guess that they are trained to a somewhat professional level at least, and as such are not supposed to be smiling at their own jokes, as it were. At the same time, there’s a real way in which the piece is not serious, and I expect the smiles were “allowed.”

    My son went to a choir school, so I’m drawing on some background here. I had quite forgotten, though, how attractive choir boys can be, a matter that can create great problems, as one might imagine.

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