Finally, a car park for women.

With pink! And wider spaces! Language Log writes:

The BBC reports that “Official Wang Zheng told AFP news agency the car park was meant to cater to women’s ‘strong sense of colour and different sense of distance'”, where presumably “different sense of distance” is code for the Chinese version of the “woman driver” stereotype. So it’s only fair to counter with an American woman’s joke, which asks “Why can’t men parallel park?”, and answers, holding up a thumb and forefinger about four inches apart, “because they think that this is eight inches”.

Thanks CH, Clare and Jender-Parents!

3 thoughts on “Finally, a car park for women.

  1. I wonder if some of the explanation is being lost, though apparently some other countries have similar things and the story about women’s driving needing more room isn’t unusual. However, the extra space, along with space reserved for women, could both be safety features. If one worries – and most women should – about attacks in parking lots and garages, then the added open space makes it easier to see if someone is hiding under the car next to yours, etc.

    jj-spouse has remarked that whereas people in France drive without looking behind them, people in China drive without looking ahead of them. This was said after our taxi driver took up down a highway going the wrong way (the other side was so crowded he couldn’t get on).

  2. I think the “woman’s joke” they’re referring to is still usually told about women’s parking; the usual punchline is that women are used to being told that 4 inches is really 8 inches or whatever.

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