Malcom Gladwell, Oprah Winfrey and Implicit Biases

Extremely serious, very informative if you are new to the area, but also great fun!

The topic here is race, but you can see how it could apply to associations with gender.  The bad news, of course, is that what we feel implicitly is a matter of the  images in our culture.  We’re going to have to change the culture, including creating occasions when we and others have the positive experiences needed.

H/T to The Situationist, where you can find more links to their posts on bias AND a link to the IAT itself. 

Justice and happiness not at odds in the home, phew

Married couples who share home responsibilities and share breadwinning responsibilities are happier, Canadian researchers found. Researchers at the University of Western Ontario said couples who “share roles,” where each partner’s unpaid work is within 40 percent to 60 percent of the total unpaid work, report higher average measures of happiness and life satisfaction than those in other family models. The researchers suggest the shared roles model is advantageous to society in terms of gender equity and its ability to maximize labor force participation by all adults. It also leaves women less vulnerable in the case of separation, divorce or death of a spouse. The researchers recommend that the government pursue policies which encourage this division of work in the home. One report on this research is here. The full report, Models of Earning and Caring: Trends, Determinants and Implications, is here.