4 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat could have a super job in Japan

  1. Just to imagine trying to get a hat like that on one of my cats is a very painful experience.
    Not to mention the spiteful vomiting into shoes and over the mail in the weeks after.
    My cats seem very stupid, but I sometimes wonder.

  2. I am amazed that she hasn’t shredded the hat along with any fingers trying to put it on her – to say nothing of the collar and leash….how totally undignified!!!! Humpf!!

  3. This cat is, I believe, a “calico”–and my understanding is that calicos can be especially testy, high-strung, and difficult. If so, then Tama is even more unusual.

  4. I was in fact worried that Tamu was getting drugged, but her eyes don’t show any signs of that. In addition, putting a pill in a cat every day would be only just worth 10 million.

    I had read that some calicos are crazy about people and want attention. This may be an example of that. She’s on a lead when she is near the train tracks, but I suspect otherwise she could leave if she wanted.

    I agree, j, that her behavior is all too compliant. I bet, though, that when she, her mother and their friend get together in that glass enclosure, they laugh at the humans as they slurp up yummy food.

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