In recognition of Mary Daly

I was working on my syllabus for an upcoming course on Feminism & Philosophy, when Sarah Hoagland’s email to the FEAST list linking to an online tribute to Mary Daly arrived.  (It’s quite nice, a bit long at eight minutes but how quickly must we brush past a life, after all?)

Over the years I have let Mary Daly slip from my syllabus, but I do indeed tend to reintroduce authors to syllabi when they, well, when they die.  Is that odd?  I had similarly come to neglect Arne Naess in my environmental philosophy course, but his recent death seemed to make recognition of his foundational work in Deep Ecology pressing.  It seems important to do; perhaps it reflects some foolish fear of one’s death leading to being forgotten.  For whatever reason, this old hag is going to assign a little Mary Daly, duly noting to the class her recent passing.

May you find Pure Lust in the new year.